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About Us


We all know at least one person that treats their four-legged friend like their child. For me it started at an earlier age. I moved out on my own when I was young and my first house companion was my beloved Pug/Rotti named "Brody"(yes that's right! A Pug crossed with a Rotti). Then I added another named "Bentley", a sweet little fluffy Pomeranian cross, or so I thought; he turned out to be a Pom/Nova Scotia Duck Toller and about 30lbs more than anticipated. My beloved fur-baby Brody has since passed. I eventually got married and adopted my husbands amazing 3 children. And so, the craziness of adding more animals began. "Molly" (a beautiful American Bully) and "Mia" (a wild and crazy American Bulldog) have now joined our family and what an adventure it has become. 

I had a lot of fun dressing up our dogs but all the selections on the market were either low quality or dull designs. Well lucky for me I had opened up a custom clothing shop in 2019 and designing my own designs was something that came natural to me. Since I had the supplies to make my own dog apparel, I just had to get my hands on some high quality dog clothes. After researching and quality testing I was able to find an amazing family owned manufacturer of dog apparel and accessories, and so there began my journey of creating my own dog apparel. I started out by making a few pieces for our family and friends. Word quickly got around on social media and it turns out I wasn't the only "crazy dog parent" that loved dressing up their fur babies.

Since launching our first collection in 2020, I've received tremendous support from all over the world and grown my community. Combining top quality materials and the latest fashion trends, my mission is to create pet products that both the human and dog will love.

As a dog parent myself, I personally test and stand by each product I create. 

Join me, celebrate my passion for pets and be part of the "crazy dog parent" community!